Digressions On Itinerant Geekery
Things I'm Doing Now

Practicing patent law -- writing and prosecuting patent applications, mostly relating to biotech and/or computational stuff, mostly for small companies and individual scientists and engineers.

Thinking and writing about patent strategy, especially for early-stage research and development in complex technologies, aiming at an eventual book.

Experimenting with some of my own ideas, mostly relating to biotech or computation/AI or both. Patents on two of my own ideas are here and here.

Adjusting to expat life as a transplanted Kano living on an island in the southern Philippines.

Things I've Done In The Past

(In no particular order) -- homeschooled my son, flown an Aeronca Chief around northern Mexico, built a small boat, worked as an aerospace research engineer, filed some lawsuits and conducted a few trials, written many thousands of lines of computer code, worked in a large national law firm, written a textbook on civil litigation, worked in a copper mine, managed a large class action lawsuit, lived in a Spanish-only household, worked as an apprentice locksmith, sailed a lot, lived in Mexico, lived in the Philippines, co-owned and managed a Spanish newspaper business, been a foster parent, did a PhD dissertation on peptide binding, built several room additions, worked as a highway engineer, conducted a pro bono law practice in a poverty area, moved an entire household across an ocean, designed and taught online programming courses, rebuilt a few car engines and a truck front end, played cello in a symphony orchestra, worked on patents in a large biotech research lab, worked as a community college professor . . . the adventure continues . . .

Professional Qualifications

Registered patent attorney, Reg. No. P38869

Member in good standing of Arizona State Bar Association since 1975
Admitted to practice before federal and state courts of Arizona
PhD in biomedical engineering, Arizona State University 2010.

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Today's Quote

"A thousand ounces of gold is indeed a great reward, and the office of chief minister is truly an elevated position. But have you, sir, not seen the sacrificial ox awaiting the sacrifices at the royal shrine of state? It is well cared for and fed for a few years, caparisoned with rich brocades, so that it will be ready to be led into the Great Temple. At that moment, even though it would gladly change places with any solitary pig, can it do so? So, quick and be off with you! Don't sully me, I would rather roam and idle about in a muddy ditch, at my own amusement, than to be put under the restraints that the ruler would impose. I will never take any official service, and thereby I will satisfy my own purposes."
-- The Taoist Chuang-tzu (369 BC - 286 BC), whom the king offered to make chief minister of state