Digressions On Itinerant Geekery
Where are the comments?

There aren't any. This isn't really that kind of site -- it's intended to be mostly informational, rather than a social gathering place. Also this is very tiny corner of the blogiverse, and a good commenting community requires a fairly large critical mass of regular readers. And, finally, I don't have time to put in the moderation effort required to keep the spam, flames, etc. under control.

That said, I'm happy to hear from anyone who wants to engage in a serious way on any of the stuff on this site. Just send me an email (jackindavao@gmail.com).

Today's Quote

"Choosing a Place to Live is not about kitchen countertop surfaces or closet arrangements. Itís about putting you in the center of where you want your life to be. You can always decorate and optimize, but you cannot teleport. So location is everything, even if it means downsizing or renting instead of buying. Living in the right place gives you back time, energy, and friends."
-- Mr. Money Mustache